Chemical composition of crop organs (eg. grain, stem, fruit or leaves used as agricultural products) is a very important determinant of produce quality. In fact, not only produce quality, but in many cases yield is determined by a particular component such as oil in seeds, sucrose in sugarcane stalks, cellulose composition of forestry materials, pharmaceutical molecules in leaves etc. making routine, simple and cheap methods for measuring these components instrumentally important for the agriculture industry. Due to the current cost and inefficiencies of measuring these chemical components, most breeding, farming and consumer choice is driven by simple morphology such as tonne per hectare yield measures.

We consult with researchers in the planning stages of large-scale experiments that require high-throughput chemical phenotyping. Experimental design is discussed to ensure harvesting strategies are in-line with high-throughput chemical phenotyping and ensure integration of our services into the specialised needs of the research project. We can supply a permanent hardware setup for long-term programs, or samples can be sent to us for analysis.

high-throughput chemical phenotyping

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