Rapid compositional monitoring of agricultural products can be applied to any plant based product including grains harvested for food, feed or oil, an array of fruits including grapes, tomatoes and citrus, biomass crops such as forage sorghums and lucerne hay, root vegetables such as sugarbeet and potato, and purified plant products including pharmaceuticals and sugarcane sucrose. Online compositional monitoring services can be applied to track:

  • Early prediction of optimal harvest times
  • Irrigation, fertiliser and herbicide regimes
  • Crop response to environmental conditions
  • Field-to-field performance
  • Monitor historical performance of crops
  • Assessment of final product quality & composition for product classification & pricing

Extensive implementation of these strategies with farmers will provide an invaluable data resource which can be used to assess large scale agricultural productivity, assess effective and ineffective farming strategies, and leave a legacy of experience (in the form of data) that can be passed on through generations and to new owners/farm managers so that knowledge of farming lands is not lost as experienced farmers move on.

Rapid compositional monitoring of
agricultural products

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