We consult with seed companies to develop innovative breeding strategies for improving crop quality and yields through massively high-throughput chemical phenotyping, including quality class assessment (i.e. grain quality and composition). Integration of these strategies into existing marker assisted/genomic selection breeding and traditional approaches is our focus.

Permanent hardware can be setup at field stations or samples can be sent to our laboratories for analysis. In consultation with breeders, we work to establish standardised breeding strategies that integrate low-cost, high-throughput chemical and quality information.

Potential implementations:

  • Breeding programs for improving grain quality, forage quality, fruit quality, protein yields, oil yields, pharmaceutical yields etc.
  • Assessing lines in different environmental conditions, soils, seasons etc. to provide specialised lines for certain regions and recommendations for farmers
  • Identifying phenotype expression in GMOs and tracking phenotype persistence through generations

Innovative breeding strategies for
improving crop quality and yields

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