Instant Chemical Characterisation

Know your crop

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High throughput grinding

Simultaneously grind over a thousand samples to a fine powder.

Rapid results

Quickly get the results of your chemical analysis, as you process the samples.

Easy to use

No need for extensive training or experience, the platform is quick and easy to use.

Compressed breeding cycles

Process your samples sooner in the breeding cycle to iterate rapidly to your desired outcome.

Robust results

Our custom algorithm and calibration sequences ensure you get consistent results, every time.

Free validation service

Easily upload your wet chemistry data to validate your results.

Industry Sectors



Increase crop quality and yield with informed decisions provided by Rapid analytics from Rapid Phenotyping.



Track quality with increased precision from harvest through shipping and processing to minimise inputs and maximize efficiency.



Innovative breeding strategies for improving crop quality and yields through high-throughput chemical phenotyping.

Join our early adopter program

Move analysis from the lab to the field, shipping dock, or processing center. Rapid Phenotyping allows anyone to monitor metrics when and where it matters, supporting real-time decisions with unparalleled precision.